HF Booster Club was established in 1978 to promote and subsidize extracurricular activities, particularly athletics, for the students of the Harborfields Central School District. Over the years the Booster Club has provided financial support for all of the schools in our district, including HHS, OMS, TJL and WDPS. This has been in the form of scholarships, purchases of equipment for teams and physical education programs, tournaments, summer sports programs, and refreshments at parent/coach meetings and sports recognition nights.

As you are aware budgets are continually tightening and items that were once necessities in the athletic department budget have been provided as a result of the generosity of the Booster Club. The Booster Club has donated approximately $600,000 in the last seven years.  

The Booster Club supports ALL sports—girls and boys, high school and middle school, inter-school and intramural—and we have helped with other extracurricular activities through joint ventures with other Parent organizations to bring meaningful programs to our children. We do this through annual membership dues, and by running fundraising events (Annual Golf Outing, Comedy Nights, Harlem Wizards Basketball game, summer camps, etc.) during the year. We ask ALL families–even those with children at WDPS and TJL–to join us in keeping our athletic and other activities intact for the future.

If you would like to get involved please come to a monthly meeting. (See school calendar for dates and times). All members are welcome at meetings. We are always looking for new members and new ideas. We are a volunteer organization made up of parents, alumni and coaches who strive to work together for the betterment of the district. We work hand in hand with the other organizations in the district, including but not limited to, all the PTAs in all schools and the Board of Education. Our goal always is to continue supporting the Harborfields “Tradition of Excellence”.

There are various levels of membership to choose from. We are strongly encouraging families of student athletes to become members.  Your dues are used to improve our children’s fitness, to provide them with the tools necessary to be successful and to enhance their overall experience while at school.  You can join by mailing in the form below, or you can sign up on our website at:

Thank you in advance for your support.

Eirc Christensen                                        Kevin Hohner
President                                                   Chairman, Membership

Booster Club Donations

This list is by no means all-inclusive, but a sampling of some of the donations by the Booster Club over the last five years. Please consider joining the Booster Club and also volunteering your time, we could use some help!!!

  • Five (5) Scholarships Awarded Annually to our Student Athletes
  • Uniforms and Practice Pinnies/Jerseys for numerous sports teams at HHS and OMS
  • Equipment for OMS and HHS Wellness Center and the HHS Weight Room, including weights, treadmills & bikes
  • Expansion and Renovations of the HHS Trainer’s Room facility, including taping tables, medical tables, a whirlpool bath & ice machine
  • Wrestling & Cheerleading Matts
  • New Washing Machine to eliminate the expense of outside laundering of athletic uniforms at the end of the season
  • Scoreboards and Side Line Chairs at HHS and OMS
  • Basketball Backboards at OMS, which is used by St. Hugh Basketball Program in which many TJL & WDPS students participate
  • Four (4) Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs)
  • Skyhawk Video Equipment
  • Numerous Coaches Clinics, Tournament/Invitational Fees, Bus Fees for events off Long Island for Sports Teams and the Marching Band.
  • Fees for Off-Season Leagues for all sports teams
  • Track and Fields Record Boards and Swim Team Record Boards in the Hall of Fame Room
  • AirCAT Volleyball Training Machine
  • Various equipment for the Physical Education Departments at WDPS and TLJ including audio equipment
  • Annual Donation of Concession Stand Proceeds to the Sophomore Class Student Activity Fund
  • Host Annual Senior Athletic Awards Banquet
  • Host Pep Rally Refreshments
  • Host Wall of Fame Induction Breakfast, including plaques and gifts to inductees
  • Donation of Bottled Water for HS Graduation
  • Fees for Motivational Speakers and Programs for Student Assemblies, including Rachel’s Challenge, Chris Memoli, Rohan Murphy & Wayne Mazzoni
  • Donation for Wheelchair Basketball Program at HHS
  • Post Season All County Awards Dinner fees for Athletes receiving post-season awards
  • New lockers for Coaches/Referees in HHS Men’s PE Room
  • Quick Change Shooting Station
  • HUDL Video Service for use by numerous sports teams
  • Krossover Software Program for Boys and Girls Basketball Teams
  • Turf Practice Field Rentals for FH Team & Court Time for Teams in Season when District is Closed
  • New Soccer Nets and GoalsNew Tennis Nets
  • Bats for Baseball team, Head Gear for Wrestling Team, Football Equipment, Portable Fence for Softball Team